Scheme for Full Time PhD

Fellowship Amount

Fellowship of Rs 31,500 p.m. (I&II Yr); Rs 35,000 p.m. (III - V Yr) w.e.f. from 1st September 2015.

Annual Contingency grant/support: @Rs30,000 per year for consumables etc. (Click here to view Annual Contingency Guideline)

Reimbursement of Rent

Those PhD candidates who are not provided accommodation or choose not to avail the accommodation provided by the institution, the Reimbursement of Rent would be on reimbursement basis, based on actual and subject to a ceiling based on location of the institution registering the PhD candidate.

Reimbursement of Rent Amount

The ceiling would be 30%, 20%, and 10% of the fellowship amount as per the Government of India norms for class X, Y or Z cities respectively.

International Conferences Rewards

Support for attending up to two renowned international conferences per full time candidate:@ up to maximum support of Rs 50,000/- for each international conference would be provided. The total support under the scheme is for 1000 such participations fulfilling the norms defined in the scheme on first come first serve basis.

Infrastructural Grant

Institutions registering PhD candidates, infrastructural grant for up-gradation /creation of the laboratory, equipment etc. (excluding civil construction/ expansion of building) would be provided @ 50% of the actual cost subject to a ceiling of Rs 5 lakhs per full time candidate under the scheme. This grant would be one time.

Over Heads

Institutional over heads @ Rs 25,000/- per year per full time candidate will be provided under the scheme for a maximum of five years for each candidate.

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