• Give thrust to R&D, Create innovative ecosystem and Enhance India‚Äôs competitiveness in these knowledge intensive sectors.
  • To help in the fulfillment of the commitments made in National Policy on Electronics (NPE) 2012 and National Policy on Information Technology (NPIT) 2012.
  • Support to 1500 PhD students in each of ESDM and IT/ITES sectors (Total: 3000 PhDs).
  • Out of the above, 500 PhDs in each of ESDM and IT/ITES sectors would be from full-time PhD candidates. The other 1000 PhDs in each of ESDM and IT/ITES sectors would be from part-time PhD candidates.
  • The scheme will also support 200 Young Faculty Research Fellowships in the area of ESDM and IT/ITES with the objective to attract and retain young faculty members. This is expected to help in the recognition and encouragement of young Faculty members involved in research and technology development in these areas.
  • Infrastructural grant to Academic Institutions for creation/upgradation of laboratories. Grant up to Rs. 5 lakh for every Full-Time PhD Candidate supported under the scheme may be provided to an Academic Institution.

One of the key goals of the Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme is to encourage working professionals and non-PhD faculty members to pursue PhD in the ESDM & IT/ITES sectors as part-time candidates. It is envisioned that having part-time PhD students is likely to encourage the Industry-Academia interaction, help in the alignment of the R&D efforts between them and bring value to the country.

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